Barcelona – Sitges – Andorra


Living in Barcelona and Sitges since 1997 helps me to know very well all iconic buildings , streets and districts with all interesting places to be. 

I am absolutely passionate about the real estate market , interior design, marketing and customer service. Over 20 years of working in international and multicultural environment developed a keen sense of what clients require depending on their needs and cultural differences. 

More than 5 years in the real estate business at La Clau Group  made me understand all details to find the best options for my international clients.

I am a self starter and enjoy working independently but also ensuring that I am an integral member of the team contributing to the overall success of my customers. I thrive in a busy, demanding work environment solving complex challenges when required and delivering outstanding customer service going beyond expectations.

Throughout my working career I have developed excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I´m Multilingual: Proficient in English and Spanish, Fluent in Catalan and French, Working level of Russian, and Polish native. 

I believe the key to success is personal relationships. I pride myself on my ability to develop and sustain relationships with a myriad of people all over the world.

I am ready for this challenge in an industry that I am passionate about and I have huge desire to help to my clients to find the right property for the right price.

I enjoy providing support to my clients and being a part of their long term success.