You live abroad and Sitges is your second home? You can get rid of worries how is your home . I provide unique and personalized service of your house care. Having alarm is not enought if you are not living there. 

  • You can keep your terrace full of flowers and your favourites plants I will manage watering them and look after them in case of any disease.
  • You wish to have your groceries on your late arrival home I can manage it for you.
  • Leak in the pipe and the bathroom is flooding. No worries I´m here  to solve it .
  • Or just when you arrive you wish to have air condition or heating on , I will organize it prior to your arrival to make you feel more home.

It´s important for your insurance to have follow up of your home so I can send you weekly report that your apartment is in perfect conditions.

So just ask me one wish and it will make it real.

I can guarantee your inner peace miles away from Sitges.